Grimes Sweetcorn Home


ith a combination of uncompromising commitment to quality, and your loyal customer support, we have experienced substantial growth in recent years. This has allowed us to expand and offer many solutions to fill the buyer’s need for high-quality, farm-fresh vegetables with superior flavor.  And all of this is achieved with the care and devotion that comes from what is truly still a “family farm.”


Our operation now offers options for both wholesale and retail purchases of sweet corn and produce. We hope you will visit one of our locations soon, or feel free to call for information or produce orders at 515-986-3437.  Inquiries, order info., and questions may also be directed to 515/249-5501.



Current update--

Our locations typically open daily around 10 am.  However, please be patient with us and allow for some flexibility in the opening times of our locations.  Things such as seasonal changes, varying field conditions, and weather can all affect how soon we get the corn picked each day, and arrive at the various stands.  Keep in mind that hours listed are approximate, and can change due to the above listed conditions, among others.  Thank you for your understanding!





EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY!!!   We are looking for a few good men and women to fill out our harvesting crew.   Competitive pay, friendly environment, with a well-established business in good community standing.  We offer multiple breaks, with food/snacks provided.  Flexible scheduling--and we are a great job fit for students, teachers, or those who just need some part-time extra income.  Call for details!


As always, thank you so much for your support~