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Sweet Corn:

This is our flagship crop, and it’s our specialty. Quality is not an option, it is a mandate when you purchase Grimes sweet corn. Through unique planting strategies, as well as careful crop care & pest control, we can assure an outstanding product all season long. Unlike some other growers, our season is truly all summer--we harvest new plots of fresh, tender corn every few days right up until autumn frost. We will not bring you produce that is too mature. Through us, you may purchase small quantities at retail locations, or have the option for large wholesale purchases through our home farm. Contact us for pricing. Seasonal availability of our corn runs from approximately July 1st through mid-October.


There is nothing like a garden-fresh tomato to enhance any meal, with or without sweet corn. Nothing tastes quite like it! We have fresh, juicy tomatoes available for sale at retail locations throughout the state, and can offer small to medium quantities available for wholesale purchase. All tomatoes that we sell are vine-ripened and hand-picked. The season for our home-grown Iowa tomatoes typically runs from late July through the first autumn frost.


What a treat—sweet juicy watermelon with excellent flavor, fresh from the farm! We carefully select watermelon for peak ripeness, and offer them for sale at our retail locations. Due to high customer demand, we now deal exclusively in seedless watermelon varieties. The season for this crop usually begins the last week of July and runs through September. Bulk quantities are also available by the bin for wholesale purchase—call for pricing. Since this is one crop that is probably the most difficult to pick--it is never a “perfect science” -- we guarantee all melons purchased. If it’s not right, we’ll make it right! We hold to this standard with all produce we sell, and stand behind everything we grow.


What is sweet like candy, but so healthy that your Mom will let you have all you want? A juicy, flavorful cantaloupe picked at peak ripeness! Our cantaloupe varieties are chosen very carefully for all the essentials: large size, firm flesh, superior sugar content, and above-average shelf life. You may enjoy them from approximately July 21 through September. And, of course, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Pumpkins/Autumn Crops:

We have a basic selection of fall items to meet your retail or wholesale needs. See one of our staff members at our vending locations to pick up produce for the autumn season, early September through mid-October. We can also serve you at our home farm. All items we have available are also offered in wholesale quantities--contact us with your needs and for pricing. Crops we offer include jack-o-lantern pumpkins, Indian corn (large & miniature), pie pumpkins, mini pumpkins/gourds, and specialty pumpkins (to include such varieties as Cinderella, Jaradale, Cotton Candy, Buckskin, and One-Too-Many).


*Crop availability, and timelines for such, are subject to change without notice. This is due to factors sometimes beyond our control (ie.- weather, acts of God, and unforeseen events of nature).