Our Story

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Our operation began on a small scale almost 20 years ago with the desire to diversify our conventional farm. What is now known as Grimes Sweet Corn is owned by Ray & Michelle Christenson—we are located outside of Des Moines in Polk County, Iowa. As a newly-married couple, Ray was farming and I was beginning to pursue a career in the social services sector after graduating from college in 1988. Ray was bitten by the farming “bug” as a youth, and was determined to have a career in agriculture long before the conclusion of his school years.


Due to what seemed like a narrow scale of opportunity in traditional farming, we set out to create a separate niche for ourselves within the agricultural community. With the growth of our business, and subsequent time demands, I left the urban career sector in the early 1990’s, and joined Ray full-time on the farm.


During those early growth years, the learning curve was steep at times, but business grew dramatically. We came to understand the ways that we could set ourselves apart from others in the produce industry. We focused then, and still do today, on such aspects as careful variety selection/superior flavor, timely harvest, diligent crop scouting & pest management, and outstanding customer service.


We believe that it is these things that set us apart--with the local and national attention that has been devoted to healthier lifestyles, our high-quality product serves a specific purpose and fulfills the needs of today’s intelligent & discriminating consumer. We hope you will contact us for your produce needs, and remember Grimes Sweet Corn: “always fresh, just the best!”