How We Grow

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Early Timing:

They say timing is everything, right? Never more so than in the sweet corn market. We use innovative techniques with plasticulture to get everything going early. Our excellent product will be ready for us, in most years, sooner than other produce on the market. If you are an independent vendor or farm-marketer, be sure to call or stop by and visit with us about early-season purchase options for Grimes sweet corn. The earlier you can enter the fresh produce market, the higher your income potential, and the larger your customer base should be!


We test every variety we plant, and meticulously taste for sugar content, tenderness, juiciness, and overall “Eat-ability.” If we know it doesn’t taste good, why should we expect you to think so? Varieties not up to standard are eliminated from our rotation, leaving you with just the best. We plant on a rigorous cycle to ensure that new plots are ready for harvest every few days, bringing the consumer the most tender & flavorful corn possible all through the season.

Crop Care:

All of our sweet corn and produce is picked and chosen with great care!  We give each crop the expected nutrients it needs to produce the optimum product and maximum yield. Also, crops are scouted routinely for pests to ensure those are kept under control, and the customer receives a tasteful, clean, and pleasing product.


Did we mention that timing is everything? Again, this is very evident in the harvesting phase for sweet corn. We would rather throw away product than offer you an inferior one. Our sweet corn is only harvested at peak flavor and maturity so that you will experience maximum sweetness and eating pleasure. If a plot exceeds its peak time, and should over-ripen, we will bypass it in favor of the next plot in ideal condition! Again, quality is not optional, it is a must….always fresh, just the best!